window is a site-specific, minimalist exhibition space envisioned as a platform for contemporary image makers who engage with issues of re-production and re-presentation within their practice via political, philosophical, theoretical, poetic and/or process-based frameworks.  

window welcomes two-dimensional printable works that repurpose found or archival source materials, challenge notions of originality and authenticity, stimulate perceptual phenomena through reiteration or duplication, implement re-photography as a critical component, or embrace re-production as essential to the work.

window installs 4-6 new artworks per year, designed exclusively for the space by the artist, or in collaboration with the curator.  The site consists of a 58 in x 51.5 in surface area of a downtown Asheville, North Carolina storefront with ample visibility to the passing public.

window invites artists to realize new works, designed and conceptualized to complement the discourse and format of the site, and also encourages the re-contextualization of pre-existing works.

Mission Statement

window values original objects and aesthetic precision, but does not find these aspects essential to every viewing experience.

window promotes the exchange of ideas and dialogue through engagement with visual representation.

window does not fetishize process or material and disavows the treatment of artworks as precious and unique.

window does not promote commerce.

window celebrates re-production.


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