Start: January 1, 2020
12:00 am
End: December 31, 2020
12:00 am

Event Venue


Doisaket Town

Explore and discover – not only new ideas, techniques,
but also yourself as human beings.

In October, after the rains, the forests are lush, flowers are blooming, rivers swell, and waterfalls are more splendid than usual, the cool season begins from here and last till February. The weather during these months is nearly perfect: clear skies, sunny and cool. In November, Loi Krathong festival takes place, over a couple of days of festivities everyone lights flying and floating lanterns and skies and rivers are ablaze with light.

ComPeung is not only the 1st independent AiR program in Thailand, but also the longest ongoing program since 2007. We have hosted over 100 artists in a wide variety of disciplines from around the world.

For artists who need time away from regular commitments to finish current projects, to reflect on their practice, or to explore and develop new works, ComPeung is the ideal place to do so. In an unregimented and relaxed atmosphere, artists have the freedom to focus on their work without having to worry about daily routines such as preparing meals. We hope that by living and working together in a tranquil setting with our team, the local community, and a small diverse group of artists, people will be inspired and challenged to explore possibilities and dreams.

ComPeung offers genuine hospitality with fresh daily produce from the local market for delicious home-cooked meals, assistance where needed, and provides all the necessities for living in a semi-rural, tropical area.

How to apply

  • Understand the conditions of our program. READ
  • Discuss with us to see the availabilities of the space. WRITE
  • Fill up the Application Form. Wait for confirmation. APPLY


Artist House #1

Important Notes

Residency Type & Fees

1-3 months residencies. Most artists usually stay for one months, but we have more and more feedback from the ones who stayed 2-3 months that they can focus on their projects and developed them more as the first few weeks normally were time to explore their environment and nature the work in relation to the site, its conditions and culture.

Our residency fee covers arrival/departure transportation to/from ComPeung, accommodation, work/studio space and 3 home cooked meals/per day. Once the residency is confirmed, please pay ½ your fee as deposit either in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. The 2nd half of the residency fee must be paid when commencing the residency.

  • Individual Artist – 1,090 USD/month
  • Artist Duos or Artist with a Partner – 1,790 USD/month

Duration of Residency

The minimum stay is 1 month but 2 months residencies are recommended as 2 months provide more time to get accustomed and for the development of new work.

Additional Expenses
(paid by artists)

Airfare, transportation, health insurance (strongly recommended), living expenses, work material and any other expenses pertaining to the artist in residence’s project.

Outside Grants

ComPeung can assist with the application for outside grants by providing letters of support.

Disciplines & Media
(open list)

Visual Arts (all media), Architecture, Performing Arts, Literature, Music


  • What are the expenses for artists when accepted into our regular residency program?

For our regular residency program, we charge the invited artist a residency fee of USD1,090 per month. As ComPeung is a small, self-supported organization, this fee covers accommodation, 3 delicious home cooked meals per day and transport to/from airport, train station or bus terminal.

  • Are there any expectations?

When artists apply, we ask them on our application form to provide a brief project outline of what they intend to do during the residency. We do not expect the visiting artist to donate a work. For works of temporary nature, we expect that artists make arrangements with us regarding the dismantling of works and disposal of material. From ourselves we expect to provide artists with an inspiring and supportive environment to successfully pursue their projects.

  • Are personal contact details of previous resident artists available?

It is our policy not to give out contact details without consent. We will forward such requests and if permission is granted we will share those details.

  • Still have questions?

Feel free to talk to us by email or connect with us via Facebook.

What the previous artists say?

“My time at ComPeung was hugely rewarding and still a constant in my thoughts.The residency gave me some much needed time to gather my thoughts about where I am at in my art life…” LAUREN NICHOLSON

“My time at ComPeung was short and very beneficial. It was exactly what I needed at this time in my life…” BRITTANY HAYDEN
“If you ask me about my residency in ComPeung, it’s really wonderful. Although I didn’t create a specific work, I did develop ideas for two projects…” CHONG WANG
“The solitude and freedom that ComPeung has given me is beyond price and gave me new birth….” PATRICK HALL
“I’m overwhelmed to think about the responses I got from the people living in this little community…I felt like being in a whole new world.” RASMUS VASLI
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Fees & Tickets

ComPeung: The 1st Independent AiR Program In Thailand (Since 2007)

ComPeung is not only the 1st independent AiR program in Thailand, but also the longest ongoing program since 2007. We have hosted over 100 artists in a wide variety of disciplines…