KuBa: kulturbahnhof is an independent non-profit art project. With our Artist in Residence program, we want to create a specific space for inspiration, dialogue and cooperation, open to the challenges of our time.
KuBa: kulturbahnhof is located on the site of a former train station in the town of Klein Warnow (Brandenburg), on the Berlin-Hamburg railway. The residency program offers artists, writers and cultural scientists a place to work, create and experiment. The interaction with this unique location is an essential element of the project.
The artistic directors of KuBa: kulturbahnhof are Sharon Horodi and Cheb Mika Kammerer. The two are artists, active in the field of video, photography, performance-art and creative writing. Both have many years of experience in curating exhibitions and artistic events, community based art projects and transcultural exchange programs.


A train station is a space comprised of motion and of emotions, arrivals and farewells, a place of joy and longing. Like art, the station forms the thin line between the private and public spheres. Our vision is to create within this space a place that inspires one’s own work, and invites artists to interact with one another and the place itself. KuBa – Art Residency is an artist initiative without public funding. It is still a young project that constantly develops with and by the visitors of the residency. We invite artists, writers, and persons engaged in other fields of the cultural sector to contribute to this process.

Artist & Writer in Residence:
The duration of the residency is one month. Three residency-units are available for each period. Individuals or artist couples may apply.
The residency begins with a one-day methodical training which focuses on self-management and on the specification of personal goals that the participants wish to achieve during their stay. A one-time coaching session can be arranged if required.
Exhibition or project presentations are offered at the end of the stay.

Every participant will receive a private living area. Each apartment is approximately 50m2, and includes a bedroom, a study, a bathroom and a small kitchen. Internet access (WLAN), a washing machine, video projector, printer press, basic working tools (jigsaw, drill, abrasive machine, etc.) and bicycles are provided as well.
The participants are encouraged to take advantage of the common facilities: a shared studio, a furnished workshop, and a larger outdoor area with a permaculture garden.
The entire site is listed as cultural heritage and may be designed but not damaged.

1 month
Number: Each month, up to three residency-units
Individuals or artist couples can apply.

For third party funding: Singles: 560,00€ couples: 770,00€
For self-payers (a  discount by KuBa is included):
Singles: 450,00€
couples: 600,00€


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Cheb Mika Kammerer & Sharon Horodi