Oika is a small but growing community of artists, storytellers and media-makers dedicated to manifesting ecological intelligence through our work. We are creating a new culture in alliance and alignment with nature.

Oika elevates the value of art by aligning it with the power and abundance of nature. Our artists are in deep communion with nature and manifest ecological intelligence in their creations. This alliance between nature and artist affords a moral, ecological imperative. “Oikadelic” art brings ecological intelligence to culture through nature and ecological healing to nature through culture.

Into the Artmosphere is Oika’s core educational program for artists, storytellers and media-makers. Throughout 2020 Dr. Rich Blundell is traveling to diverse artistic communities introducing the principles and practices of ecological intelligence.

We teach artists how to practice Oika for creative inspiration and give them the language, concepts, and confidence to publicly communicate the eco-cultural value of their work

Oika seeks to surface and capacity-build ecologically intelligent artistic communities. Into the Artmosphere presents a progressive on-ramp for artists and curators to get involved.

Responding appropriately to the climate crisis requires a whole new category of media-maker. In addition to specialized technical skills, we need new creative professionals with a fine-tuned repertoire of ecological communication expertise. Media creators with the capacity to render today’s environmental realities and possible futures and then carry their work (and impact) broadly into culture are critical.

The existential challenges of the Anthropocene demand compelling and ecologically intelligent media across all forms and audiences. The call is genre-agnostic. As new technologies and platforms emerge we need equally radical forms of environmental storytelling. Traditional skillsets in visual, literary and journalistic fields need to be updated for eco-cultural communication. For this we need a new source of training and support for all types of artists, storytellers and media creators.

Oika is a science-based program for teaching ecological intelligence directly to the creators of new culture. Our curriculum is based on empirical research in transformative experience and provides both conceptual and practical training. The mission of Oika is to train and support a worldwide artistic and cultural movement. You can learn more at https://www.oika.com.

In 2020 we received philanthropic funding to expand our outreach and grant-making capacities. Oika’s Into the Artmosphere campaign presently includes a traveling recruitment presentation that is delivered at universities and art centers around the world. We also offer our artists seed funding to launch new, Oika-themed projects in various forms.

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