PADA is an artist led, not for profit, arts association, unique in its support to artists. As a cultural resource, PADA promotes interaction between national and international artists, the local community and surrounding region. Set in a derelict industrial park with a history dating back to 1885, PADA offers artists time and space to develop their practice through the exploration of technique and process.
PADA is located in the picturesque town of Barreiro, a medium-sized city on the South Bank of the River Tagus (20 minutes from Lisbon by ferry).
Barreiro was the main industrial city in Portugal and Spain until 1970 and is known for its political and industrial history. Since the 70’s, Barreiro has been slowly redefining its identity, without losing its main characteristics inherited from history. Barreiro is known for its cooperation, creativity, resilience and hospitality, combined with a strong sense of identity and connection with the ever-present river Tagus.
PADA is located in the old textile area of CUF’s Industrial Park, and today, is surrounded by light industry and various fabrication businesses. Large sections of the area are in ruins and the remains of what was once a large industrial power now stand empty and in disrepair. This section is restricted but we are able to get limited access to provide tours and to facilitate projects. Within one section of the park, the empty warehouses are being repopulated, particularly with many contemporary craftsmen working with printing, mould making, industrial paint manufacture and metal work.

Selected artists/curators will have the chance to live and work in Lisbon’s South Bay and to participate in a range of activities such as discussions, studio visits and exhibition tours. Participants are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops, and to engage with the local art scene. The support, networks and creative environment offered by PADA encourages professional/artistic development and international contacts.
The residency program is run in conjunction with PADA’s Studio & Gallery Programmes, the artists benefit from collaboration with these programmes and interaction with a variety of national and international artists. At the end of the residency, artists are invited to use the Gallery space at PADA to present the work that has been developed during their stay.
The residency at PADA welcomes applications from artists in a variety of media for a duration of 1-3 months. Artists are provided with large studio space and accommodation with a private double bedroom. The studios can accommodate 6 artists each month wishing to immerse themselves in their work and/or research. We provide them with the space to explore practices, concepts, new ideas and materials and to develop a project while receiving feedback and support.


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