Yellow Brick is a non-profit artistic workspace that fosters relations among local and international artists, art collectives, curators, writers, thinkers and makers with the Athenian context as predominately accessed and introduced through the area of Nea Ionia. 

Initiated by artist Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki in 2016, Yellow Brick has so far hosted 32 artists from 25 countries. 

Yellow Brick wishes to participate in the cultural production of the city by focusing on the Athenian periphery and more specifically on Yellow Brick’s locale, a culturally diverse neighborhood established by immigrants from the coast of Asia Minor. Yellow Brick understands local identity as an assemblage of cultures, histories, languages, expressions and forms, and welcomes artists and cultural practitioners to activate and sustain a creative dialogue within Nea Ionia and greater Athens through their current interests, social concerns and artistic practices. All participants are called upon to act as hosts and poetic activators of forms and ideas through a three-week research trajectory (at minimum). 

Yellow Brick facilitates research and practice by providing residency in a studio and exhibition space that also contains a private sleeping area, private bathroom, shared kitchen, and a beautiful terrace. 

Yellow Brick’s small team develops the necessary conceptual tools, working modes, technical support and network with the Athenian institutional and alternative artistic scene. In addition, Yellow Brick fosters partnerships with other cultural platforms and institutions by producing curated events that complement its residency-like operations. 



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7 Eptapirgiou, Nea Ionia, 142 31, Attiki, Greece

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